This is a critical juncture in our nation's history. The presidential election of 2004 is the defining moment that will determine the future direction of our country. With an election certain to be as close as 2000, never before has the opportunity to make a difference been available to so many Americans. By casting your vote, you can change the course of America.

If you believe America is heading in the right direction, then by all means vote to re-elect President George W. Bush. If you believe we have lost our direction as a country, then vote against him. But remember, you and your family will have to live with your choice for the next four years.

Curious about election year issues? Check out each section for information you won't see in traditional media outlets.

political events The News category is a daily update of things that do not make the headlines but will eventually affect your life. The 9/11 category chronicles political events that lead up to that tragic day. The Iraq and Terrorism section examines how the war on terrorism has somehow turned into the war in Iraq.. The Economy and Jobs category documents how economic issues have affected our country the last three years.  

Visit the Ads You Won't See section for some of the most thought provoking, visually assaulting videos you're likely to see, anywhere. There's a reason why these can't be shown on television. They are quite graphic and will bring election year issues into sharp focus.

Read or see something that pisses you off? Drop me an email and it may get published. Differing points of view are natural in a democracy.


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